Testimonials and feedback

"Experiencing hypnotherapy with Annie has been incredible.  On meeting with Annie, I found her to be warm and welcoming and she instantly put me at ease. Annie prepared me fully for my sessions and ensured that I knew what to expect. The results have been incredible, and I would strongly advise you seek Annie as your hypnotherapist if you wish to receive a professional, warm and effective service."

"I wanted to learn how to deal with anxiety and working with Annie has helped me immensely. I felt able to trust Annie from the moment I met her and I was able to feel at ease straight away. As well as using hypnotherapy to help me to get to the crux of where my anxiety was coming from, it has also taught me ways to manage my anxiety which is extremely helpful. I felt that Annie 'knew me', she is incredibly intuitive and really had the ability to make the sessions feel totally unique to me. Thank you Annie for helping me to feel so much more relaxed and in control!" 

"I’d been having trouble with sleeping for years and had always put it down to ‘just how it was for me’. Working with Annie though really did help me to get to the bottom of why I wasn't sleeping and the effects have been brilliant. I can now sleep through the night, something I haven't been able to say for over twenty years! From my very first meeting with Annie she explained everything from how hypnotherapy can work, how I would always be in control and what I should expect and her calm and reassuring nature was just perfect for me. I’d highly recommend Annie, so if you’re thinking ‘is hypnotherapy right for me’ I’d say give Annie a call, it worked for me!"

"Annie. I just wanted to send a note to say thank you for my fantastic hypnotherapy sessions. From the moment I met you I knew you would understand me. Your intuitive and honest approach truly confirmed it. I thought I would find talking about my darkest issues challenging, but with you it was not challenging at all. You have an amazing way to put me at ease. I feel I have finally found peace, I found the answers to my questions, I found so much more....I found myself. Your therapy is one of a kind. Thank you Annie."

"Annie, I can’t thank you enough for the help you’ve given me these past few weeks. It’s amazing what you do and I really feel that I’ve got my life back. I can now enjoy life again with my family, for which, I will always be grateful to you."