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Could you benefit from hypnotherapy?

The following signs may show your body and mind are out of balance:

- Excessive or increased anxiety

- Indecision and feeling overwhelmed

- Becoming easily angered or upset

- Low mood and depression

- Sleep problems

- Increase in repetitive thoughts or behaviours

- Negative thinking patterns 

- Physical symptoms 

- Feeling a lack of direction/purpose 

If you are finding unhelpful habits, thoughts or behaviours are beginning to impact your life,  or that your mind is full and you are struggling to enjoy day to day activities, or simply that something is holding you back from achieving your full potential, you can benefit from accessing the power of the mind through hypnotherapy.  Make an appointment now to see how hypnotherapy can help you. 



Anxiety is a common emotion but sometimes anxious thoughts stop you doing what you want to do and you find your behaviour and emotions are affected by excessive worry. 


Practicing simple, natural and effortless techniques during hypnosis helps your body and mind learn how to reach a deep level of calm and stillness which can be accessed  readily when challenging situations arise  allowing you to quickly release unwanted thoughts and excess nervous energy.



Everyone can experience low moods but when it is frequent or sustained it can greatly impact enjoyment of life, relationships and ability to function.

Hypnotherapy quietens the mind, releases negative thought patterns and over-thinking habits to allow your mind to feel freer, lighter and brighter.  Re-connecting your mind and body will help you find renewed energy and vitality. 



Difficult relationships can have lasting impact on confidence, motivation and self esteem.  

Hypnotherapy gives you space to find inner strength to release the effects of negative experiences and emotions. Rebuilding self-esteem and re-connecting with the personal resources within you allows you to move forward with confidence. 



Sleep issues can be triggered by a multitude of causes from medical reasons to unresolved emotional issues, overthinking and anxiety.


Hypnotherapy aims to work on underlying emotional issues which may cause an imbalance, teaching your body and mind progressive relaxation and empowering you with the ability to create and follow positive thought patterns, establishing sleep time routines and thought boundaries.



Trying to break habits can set us up for failure when the subconscious mind resorts back to what it knows and you find yourself doing things without thinking.


Hypnotherapy works by helping you notice automatic cues which lead to bad habits and dissociating yourself from them. 



Many people experience symptoms such as anxiety, fear, and hopelessness following painful or traumatic circumstances and loss of loved ones.

Hypnotherapy can guide you through the process of grief and healing helping you to find acceptance to move forward with renewed hope and vigour.